Kosova, Kosovo, Albania the World’s best places to Invest.

Kosovo fully integrated in the regional cooperation initiatives and ultimately into the European Union. Despite all the difficulties, Kosovo has made astonishing progress. The business environment in Kosovo is in many respects becoming the most competitive in the region. For instance, Kosovo’s tax system is excellent in both the simplicity of compliance and the low level of burden on enterprises. Few countries in the region can outperform Kosovo’s ability to register new businesses in only a couple of days. Another advantage is a high degree of macroeconomic stability: inflation is close to zero, budgets legally must be balanced, the financial sector is strong, and there are no monetary policy uncertainties, as the Euro is the official currency in Kosovo.The time is right to invest in Kosovo. Whether through privatisation or new Greenfield investment, there are numerous investment opportunities in Kosovo. The business friendly environment and a very entrepreneurial people will highly contribute to any of your endeavours.
.Albania and Kosova, Kosovo is one of the wealthiest lands in natural resources per square mile in the world. With amazing mountains, beaches, lakes, rivers, forests, and rich soil. Underneath this land lies billions of prooven barrels of oil, trillions of square yards of natural gas, gold, platinum, copper, the largest chrome reserves in Europe, bauxite, nickel, cobalt, magnesium, ores, marbel, granite,coal and much more. Albania and Kosova is rapidly building its infrastructure and in the near futere it will be the only country in the world to produce 100% of its energy from Hydropower, Windpower and Solar Power. Billions of dollars are being invested there presently. This almost free enviermently friendly energy will create opportunities to mine and process billions of tons of minerals Albania was one of the countries in the world with economic growth and real estate appreciation in 2008.Despite the international economic crisis, the Albanian economy registered considerable growth – equal to 6% – in the first quarter of 2009.The news was announced by the Albanian national statistics institute. The sectors that contributed most to the growth, were telecommunications, services and construction with respectively 22%, 15.3% and 8% more than in the same period last year. The Prime Minister, Sali Berisha was formerly a succesfull cardiologist who lead Albanian students including myself in a final push against the dying communist regime. Mr. Berisha clearly understood at the time that the virus of Marxist ideology needed to be removed permanently frome Albanian society. Last four years of his administration he has done an amazing job in fighting crime and corruption, establishing a stable legal system, building infrastructure ,creating an ideal environment for foreign investment in Albania. Billions of dollars are currently being invested in all sectors. He has doubled the budget, raised salaries, lifted Albanians from the poverty line and done an amazing job on the education system. Albanian tourism is flourishing and millions of Albanians working in the EU and U.S.


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