Gold and copper prices could surge to 30% in 2011

 Albanian Minerals: Gold and copper prices could surge to 30% in 2011

Gold for April delivery soared $20.90 to $1,353 an ounce at the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange.
Rising oil and food prices are likely to have a significant impact on inflation outlook in 2011.

High  global commodities prices  are likely to have a significant impact on gold prices. The investors will by much more gold amid fears of inflation. As inflation fears rose to a record high in China, India and EU the price of metals, gold, oil , copper will rise.  The investors  will continue to buy safe assets. Albanian Minerals President & CEO  said   “We are  positive on growing metal prices”.  The price of metals should continue to be supported by demand driven by global economic growth a huge  investment’s  in infrastructure and energy sector worldwide.

Inventories of copper shrank this year as demand recovered, pushing prices to a record $10,000 a ton. Global demand will outstrip production. The inventories copper, aluminum, chrome ore, nickel , ferrochrome and iron ore  are at the lowe’s level this year. Metal  prices will rise sharply in 2011 do to the growing demand  and higher energy costs.
 Albanian Minerals in New York  is receiving a record  new orders for row minerals,  copper, nickel, chrome ore and  iron ore for 2011  

 Copper prices hit $10,000 a tonne on Thursday for the first time as investors piled into the metal amid fears of a severe supply shortfall.
Copper is widely used in  manufacturing , construction and energy, Copper is crucial to the global economy

 Albanian Minerals expects China, US and Germany the world’s largest consumers of Gold and cooper to return to the market to purchase more of gold and copper.

 Chinese companies will run down their inventory levels in 2011.
Copper  stocks are not high enough in US, EU, China and India.

 China and Germany will need to continue to import more copper as manufacturing and exports are growing
The copper consumption levels in US and Europe  will continue to grow.
As copper prices hit a record, other metals surged.
Albanian Minerals


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