President Obamas new slogan tax the rich, rich no more we’re all gonna be poor

Sahit Muja

Sahit Muja: President Obamas new slogan tax the rich,  rich no more we‘re all gonna be poor

President Obama needs to change his campaign slogan from “Yes We Can” to Tax the rich,  rich no more we‘re all gonna be poor.
  If  President Obama  tax the rich all 100% it doesn’t put a dent in the US government $14 trillion dollar deficit. 
Tax the rich doesn’t change the unsustainable structure of the entitlements.
Tax the rich it doesn’t do anything except make some poor people feel good. 
Tax the rich will help President Obama to have a more votes and the poor to say “yeah” give me other people’s money.
President Obama has all the right words to make the poor people believe that he is on their side.
The reality is President Obama is the biggest spender in the world’s history. And the poor are getting worst than ever.
That is why he and Democrats lost the election in November .That is why there is a huge credibility gap between his words and his deeds. 
Government need to reduce the deficit and impose fiscal restraint on government spending.
But when you raise taxes and you still expand the deficit that is insanity. That will bankrupt any nation. The American way of life needs to be rebalanced.
Households need to stop spending what they don’t have. Local and state governments need to slash their budgets to live off whatever tax revenues they generate. 
President Obama  has to say no to congressional pet projects.
President Obama  has to say no to the countries who laugh as they spend our money .
President Obama  has to say no to failing social programs and corporations who lobby their way into getting taxpayers to foot the bill for their greed and shortsightedness
It is clear that there is no incentive from Obama’s administration to stop spending.
Their current political careers are inherently more valuable to them than the lives of our future families.  .
US government produces nothing for domestic consumption, nothing for international consumption, nothing but more benefits.
The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
The US need to pass the balanced budget amendment . 
 Sahit Muja
Albanian Minerals
New York

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