North Korea is the world’s largest death camp ready for democratic revolution.


Sahit Muja: Albanian Minerals

Sahit Muja: North Korea is the world’s largest death camp ready for democratic revolution.

The Korean people will  bring down the regime,  I expect  democratic revolution step towards the true democratization.  
For too long the people of  North Korea have been suffering under tyrannical regimes.

Now, when they discovered the power of social media, they will  break away from their tyrannical regime.
Starving North Korea’s people  most understand  that the virus of Marxist ideology needed to be removed permanently from Korean society.

 North Korea is the world’s largest  starvation, torture, death camp
The twisted rule of North Korea’s Kim Jong-il, a monster who built an enormous military, and a nuclear weapons program, while his people suffered in famine and in chains, is over.

North Korea’s power brokers publicly declared Kim Jong Un the country’s supreme leader,
There may be some optimism that his western-educated son, Kim Jong Un may reform North Korea.

The dictator-apparent is not likely to reform North Korea into a democracy. People of North Korea will.
From day one Kim Jong Un  was indoctrinated in the thinking of his father.

The pure hypocrisy of the dictator Kim Jong Un  living a grandiose lifestyle, while letting his subjects starve is obvious.
But that is something the young Kim grew up with. He can reconcile it in his mind somehow.

A few years of schooling in a democracy will not remove that hard wiring of family indoctrination.
North Korea suddenly will decide they’d had enough of the Kim Jong Un  dictatorship and rose up in revolution.
 Sahit Muja
President and CEO
Albanian Minerals
New York


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