China’s demand for iron ore at record 1.8 billion tons in 2012.

Sahit Muja: Albanian Minerals

Sahit Muja: China’s demand for iron ore at record 1.8 billion tons in 2012.

Albanian Minerals expect that China’s domestic iron ore mining to rise to 1.35 billion tonnes in 2012 and the global iron ore production to increase 3 billion tonnes up from 2.7 billion tons in 2011.

Albanian Minerals expect that iron ore demands in China to increase  to 1.8 billion tons in 2012 and 2 billion tons in 2013. China consumes over 60% of the world’s entire iron ore supplies.

This year Chinese iron ore import is expected at 600 million tons a 10 % decrease from 2011.

China’s Ministry of Land and Resources has announced proven iron ore reserves amounted to 50 billion tons in 2010, this will be enough for only 25 years at the consumption rate.

Albanian Minerals has estimated that global iron ore resources are estimated to exceed 850 billion ton. China, which consumes over 60% of the world’s entire iron ore supplies need to buy 550 billion tons of iron ore, if it continue to dominate the world’s steel market.

India’s demand for iron ore is expected to increase as country has limited reserves. India’s iron ore reserves total about 8 billion tons, this reserve may supply China for only 5 years.

In ten years India will need to buy huge amounts of iron ore. It is embarrassing how India sale cheap iron ore and Chrome ore to China, while current reserves are being depleted rapidly.

Albanian Minerals has a very good news for iron ore mining companies and countries with huge reserves, iron ore market has bright future regardless of the law price at this time.

The world population has reached 7 billion this population will drive up the demand for iron ore, chrome ore, copper, nickel, aluminum, steel to build, new roads, railways, airports, hospitals, schools, banks, infrastructure, water projects, energy projects, courts and legal system, new factories, houses, buildings, oil and natural gas refineries, power plants, wind energy turbines, solar power, cars, trucks, airplanes, ships, machinery and much, much, more.

World largest iron ore importing country keeps dominating global steel market, China to produce 750 million tons of steel in 2012.

Albanian Minerals predict that Chinese iron ore import to increase 20% in 2013 due to poorer domestic ore grade in Chinese. Iron ore output is increasing in China but never to meet the demands.

The price of iron ore  would go high in 2013 despite of supply increase from Australia, India, Africa and Brazil. The iron ore production cost in China is apparently higher than US $100 per tonne. Chinese iron ore import increased by around 68 million tonnes to 686 million tonnes in 2011 from 2010.

China’s domestic iron ore output was higher than 110 million tonnes per month in 2012. China’s rapid urbanization and industrialization has resulted in strong demand for iron and steel products. China is also one of the largest steel products exporting countries, domestic demand for iron ore is substantial.

Sahit Muja, President and CEO

Albanian Minerals, New York


Markets: A $60 trillion global debt will boost gold prices

 Sahit Muja


 Sahit Muja: US Gold

Sahit Muja: Markets: A $60 trillion global debt will boost gold prices. Printing money is only way out for US and Europe to pay $30 trillion in debt. US and EU can’t print gold.

The gold is a safe haven from the inherent risks in global pyramid scheme money system. Gold is safe store of value. Paper debts, paper assets, paper currency, they can all default or deflate tremendously in value.

Paper is the hedge, not gold. When I look at the miserable balance sheets of the European Union, US, UK, Japan and many countries, I know the gold is only safe investment..

If the US government were a corporation, it would be bankrupt. Gold is certainly not a dangerous investment relative to others. Real Estate is still overpriced as are most stocks by many metrics.

There is some $60 trillion dollars of dollar global debt, $30 trillion of it owed by EU the USA. The ONLY way out for the mega-debtors is to inflate the euro and dollar – so inflate they will.

Given that the Fed and other central banks can inflate away the value of fiat money, and government’s can print more money.The Federal Reserve has kept U.S. interest rates at virtually zero, with no sign of a hike on the horizon, thereby lowering the opportunity cost of buying gold.

The bankers have made speculators of us all. Thanks to the Fed, the stock market is once again all bubbled up and ripe to pop for the third time in 12 years. Housing prices still have not returned to historical multiples of income.

Albanian Minerals expect central banks in China, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, EU, US to fuel demand for gold. China is stocking up on gold as it divests itself of its dollar and euro holdings but also is encouraging its increasingly affluent citizens to buy gold.

China will only be buying more gold in the future as it attempts to divest itself of some of its estimated $3.2 trillion in U.S. dollar reserves

To find new deposits of gold, mining companies must invest more in infrastructure and drill deeper into undeveloped areas to find the last remaining of gold.

Albanian Minerals expect that gold prices and demand is expected to increase from lots of factors, from increase in the world population and the decline of the gold production, from devaluation of currencies and geopolitical problems.

Sahit Muja, President and CEO

Albanian Minerals, New York

Gold price and demand to pick up in second half of 2012

Albanian Minerals

Sahit Muja: India: Gold price and demand to pick up in second half of 2012.

The gold prices rallied sharply on Friday. The Comex August contract rose $26.70 to settle at $1,592 an ounce. Idia is the top user of gold in the world . Gold consumption in India rose to 970 tons in 2010.

Albanian Minerals predicts that Indian consumption of gold may climb to 1000 metric tons in 2012. Gold has traditionally been the most popular precious metal investment in India, where brides are often weighed down by their jewelery in a display of wealth and economic status.

The wedding season and beginning of the monsoon season in India and festivals increases the country’s appetite for gold. India, gold consumption has been on the rise despite record high prices. About 11 million marriages held a year in India, and gold has traditionally been the most popular . India, which imports most of it’s gold bought 815 metric tons of gold in 2011.

The Indian farmers in remote villages use bullion in the absence of banks for savings. The largest buyers of gold in India are farmers, around 70% of gold is bought in rural areas. Indian farmers also invest in gold because they don’t trust the banks. Indian’s view that gold as the best investment.

Albanian Minerals estimates that gold prices has increased 500% in 10 years . Gold price in 2002 was $309.74 an ounce. While markets have been uncertain in the last few years, gold has been an ideal investment and has provided consistent returns to Indian investors. Albanian Minerals expect gold buying in India is set to rise . Devaluation of dollar, euro, economic problems, political tensions, inflation, and exchange rates are other factors that will also contributed to rising gold prices and demand.

Sahit Muja

President and CEO

Albanian Minerals, New York

Strong demand for gold, copper and silver in China and India continued to help prices

 Strong demand for gold, copper and silver in China and India continued to help prices

Albanian Minerals: Gold

Metal  prices rose today on hopes that European officials will contain that region’s financial crisis.
Gold for December delivery rose $23.10, or 1 percent, to settle at $1,723.50 an ounce

Copper gained 6.95 cents, or 2 percent, to settle at $3.49 a pound. The copper prices are up nearly 9 percent for the week.
Silver was up 25.8 cents, or less than 1 percent, to close at $33.31.

The recent rally in gold and silver is based largely on the belief that European minsters will has an agreement on financial rescue plan.

Gold futures were up for a fourth day on Wednesday, rallying to a one-month high as safe haven demand returned amid concerns that a critical European Union summit later in the day would disappoint expectations.

Gold is considered a  safe haven during times of financial turmoil.
Albanian Minerals President and CEO said “Strong  demand for gold, copper and silver in Asia continued to help prices”. 

The buyers in India bought the gold and silver as Diwali, one of the major Indian gold and silver buying festivals, started Wednesday.

Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said ” The consumer in China increased purchases of the gold, silver and copper as demand  picks up during the

National Day holidays at the start of October and lasts through the Lunar New Year in January”.
India is the world’s largest gold consumer, followed by China.

Golden opportunity for China to invest $3.2 trillion and become superpower

Sahit Muja

Sahit Muja: Golden opportunity for China to invest $3.2 trillion and become superpower
 China has the center stage to help the global economy.

With $3.2 trillion in foreign reserves China hold the key to the rally in global markets and becoming economic superpower.
 China’s foreign reserves have skyrocketed in 5 years, do to strong exports, foreign investment and large trade surpluses.

The foreign exchange reserves  has been rising as China buys foreign currencies used to pay for the country’s exports in order to control the value of the yuan.
China’s new yuan loans stood at only 470 billion yuan ($73 billion) at the end of September, according to a statement from the People’s Bank of China.
The central bank has hiked interest rates five times since October and increased the amount of money banks must keep in reserve numerous times in the past year as part of its monetary tightening.
China’s economic rise and the steady supply of inexpensive natural resources have led to a rapid increase in Chinese foreign direct investment stretching to Europe, Australia, U.S , Middle East, Russia, Africa and Latin America.

China’s is emerging as a global superpower.
Chinese state-owned enterprises are becoming major  players on natural resources extraction in Iran, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Canada, Middle East, Russia, Africa , Latin America and  Africa.

China has the opportunity to become a global leader in energy and mining industry by investing $3.2 trillion foreign reserves.
If China invest all it’s $3.2 trillion dollars globally about 100 million Jobs can be crated.

Putting 100 million people beck to work in the global economy will definitely make a China a superpower.
An average $30,000 investment is needed to crate a one job globally.

It was  the USA that fore many years has helped the  global economy, now is China’s turn.
Go China the world needs You today.

Sahit Muja

Albanian Minerals

Albanian Minerals: Stainless steel production to hit 40 million tons in 2012


Sahit Muja

Global stainless steel at all-time high of 35 million tonnes in 2011
Global stainless crude steel production in the ten months of 2011 reached an all-time high .

The highest stainless steel production year-on-year growth was 18%  in China   .
The  Europe and Africa region increased  stainless steel production by 6.4% .

The Americas  has a increase of stainless steel production of 6.9% .
Albanian Minerals President and CEO said ” I  expect stainless steel production to hit 40 million tons in 2012 “.

According to Albanian Minerals CEO  the stainless steel industry has left the  global crisis behind as production reached a new record of 32.2 million tonnes in 2010 .
The surprisingly high volume results from a stronger than expected production China and India .
Albanian Minerals CEO  said “Surging demand and prices is expected for chrome ore, ferrochrome used in making ferroalloy, which in turn is used in making stainless steel”.
Albanian Minerals CEO  said “The chrome ore and ferrochrome prices to incriase do to strong demand and problems with  ban and the production”

The low prices of chrome ore ha led to a severe shortage of  global chromite production in 2011.
Such supply condition may drive up prices of ferrochrome and chrome ore in 2012.
Also chrome ore shortage in China is expected as  Zimbabwe has banned the export of chrome ore.

The concerned over the depleting reserves of chrome ore in India the steel ministry has demanded a complete ban on chrome ore exports.

The winter conditions  allow mining of chromite to be conducted only from May to  November in open pit mining this will effect the global chrome ore production.

Ferrochrome production for metallurgical applications uses up more than 90% of the worlds chrome ore.
South Africa accounts for about 50% of global chromite, chrome ore production, followed by Kazakhstan, India, Turkey ,Albania and Zimbabwe .

Albanian Minerals CEO said “Demand for chrome ore, iron ore and ferrochrome is expected to remain strong in 2012 mainly due to the continued growth of China’s stainless steel industry.

Albanian Minerals and Bytyci SHPK is emerging as one of the major European suppliers of chrome ore to global markets.

Albanian Minerals: Soring demand for steel in China and India:


Albanian Minerals

Albanian Minerals: Soring demand for steel in China and India:

Global demand and prices for raw materials, iron ore, chrome ore, coal and ferrochrome for making steel is likely to continue to increase.

The Chinese steel industry has a record steel output in 2011 to meet soaring demand from infrastructure and social housing projects.

The Chinese government  now  is turning to high cost, previously shuttered, steel mills to make up the difference in demand.

 China’s crude steel production grew 15.49%  to 59.3 million tonnes in July and 10.3%  this year to 410.36 million tons in the first seven months.

Albanian Minerals President and CEO Sahit Muja said  “Steel production in China to exceed 700 million tons in 2011. ”

  Albanian Minerals President and CEO Sahit Muja said  “China and India’s steel makers are expected to increase prices in October”

Albanian Minerals President and CEO Sahit Muja said   “The global demand for steel is expected to gradually grow over the rest of 2011” 

 Albanian Minerals President and CEO Sahit Muja said  “Strong economic growth and urbanization in China, India and other nations are expected to create growing demand for steel .

Albanian Minerals  expect steel demand to grow worldwide by 10 per cent in 2011 and about 15 per cent in 2012.

India and South Africa may stop chrome ore exports to China

Albanian Minerals

Sahit Muja: India and South Africa may stop chrome ore exports to China

Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said “The government’s in South Africa, India, Zimbabwe  had been petitioned  by local ferrochrome producers to halt the export of raw chrome ore to China”.

China is  importing the raw chromite ore from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Albania and India in very low prices and using it to produce ferrochrome itself.

Zimbabwe has banned the export of chrome ore. India has huge domestic demand for chrome ore in the future.

South Africa may impose export duties and other controls to stop a surge in chrome ore sales to China so local ferrochrome makers can stay competitive, the head of Merafe Resources Ltd. (MRF) said.

South African producers of ferrochrome, made from chrome ore, have hired independent consultants to investigate the industry, and a report with proposals to control exports will be submitted to the government by the end of September.

Chinese ferrochrome output rose 12 percent to 1.2 million metric tons in the year to June, compared with 0.1 percent growth to 1.85 million tons in South Africa

China doesn’t have reserves of chrome ore and is planing to be  the world’s largest ferrochrome producer by 2015.

Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said  “China is in desperate need of new chrome ore deposits and the prices of chrome ore are expected to jump in 2012”.
lbanian Minerals President and CEO said . “China is expected to produce 700 million tons of steel in 2011 the prices and demands for chrome ore are expected to increase”.
Albanian Minerals
New York

Albanian Minerals: China’s stock market accelerated as export rose 20.4 percent


Sahit Muja : China’s  stock market accelerated  as export  rose 20.4 percent
China’s trade rose in July and the trade surplus rose to its highest level in more than two years.

Export growth rose 20.4 percent from June’s 17.9 percent, while imports rose 22.9 percent, up from June’s 19.3 percent, customs data showed today.
China’s strong import growth is a very good news  for global economies.

 Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said “Brazil, India, Canada,  Australia, Russia ,  African countries and Middle Easte  are dependable in China to drive demand for oil, natural gas, metals, iron ore and other imports. 
 Exports rose to a new monthly high of $175.1 billion while imports grew to $143.6 billion.

China’s trade surplus with the United States widened 7 percent over a year ago to $20.9 billion while the gap with the 27-nation European Union, its biggest trading partner, grew 28 percent to $17.4 billion.

China is likely invest the huge foreign exchange reserves in gold, silver, metals and other natural resources to protect the currency  from devaluation.
Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said  “The global economy is in a very profound, fundamental, and unfortunately painful changes and I believe that this is a great opportunity to invest and prosper”.

We are witnessing a kind of sea change world-wide right now, that  American budget crisis is not just an American problem but a global problem as well.

Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said “Technology is interlinking the world like never before. We are both closer and more integrated, at the same time we are sharing problems and disasters and crises together, as one people, one globe”.
This is a great opportunity for global economy  in  the road to  prosperity.

Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said  “America require new leadership which can embrace dynamic change more willingly, with greater cooperation and less conflict and dogmatic adherence to socialist ideology.

We have so much wealth globally  in human and natural resources, food, water, energy, forests, oil, natural gas, coal, silver, gold, metals, cooper, aluminum, iron ore, chrome ore.
We have everything we need to have a prosper live for any human in this planet”.

Silver demand in China and India is set to rise 40 perсent in 2012.


Sahit Muja

Sahit Muja: Silver demand in China and India is set to rise 40 perсent in 2012. 
China said its net imports of silver nearly quadrupled to more than 3,500 metriс tons in 2010, boosted by sharp inсreases in demand by the industrial seсtor and the jewelry industry.

Silver demand in China and India has inсreased sharply in reсent years as more investors use silver as a store of value.
About 70% of China’s silver demand сomes from the industrial seсtors.

Silver is widely used in the produсtion of eleсtroniс produсts, jewelry, industrial produсtion, suсh as mediсal, solar power and water purifiсation industries.

China is the world’s largest produсer of solar power and eleсtroniсs.

 Demand for silver in China and India is up 30 per сent in 2011.
 In 2010 India сonsumed about 2,800 tonnes of silver.

 In 2012 silver  сonsumption in India is expeсted to rise to 5,000 tonnes, aссording to Albanian Minerals  President and CEO .

Silver investments in India is mostly from rural areas, whiсh aссount for 70 perсent of the сountry’s 1.2 billion population
The total global produсtion of silver was 29,000 tons in 2010.

Indian and Chinese investors are buying more silver to hedge market losses.
While global  markets have been unсertain in 4 years silver has been an ideal investment and has provided huge returns to investors.
 Silver buying in China and India is set to rise 40 perсent in 2012. The industrial demand is one of the faсtors affeсting the priсes of and silver in China and India.

Devaluation of the dollar, eсonomiс problems, politiсal tensions, inflation, and exсhange rates are other faсtors that have also сontributed on rising silver priсes.