Israel blamed Iran as Obama pledged U.S. help and call “barbaric terrorist attack”

Sahit Muja

Sahit Muja: Israel blamed Iran as Obama pledged U.S. help and call “barbaric terrorist attack”

Seven people were killed and 33 wounded in the bombing of a bus full of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria on Wednesday.

“All signs point to Iran,” Netanyahu said. “Just in the past few months, we have  seen attempts by Iran to harm Israelis in Thailand, India, Georgia, Kenya,  Cyprus and more. This is an Iranian terror attack that is spreading across the  world. Israel will react forcefully to Iran’s terror.”

The bombing took place on the 18th anniversary of a terror attack on a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed the latest attack on Iran.

The bombing was the latest in a series of attacks attributed to Iran that have targeted Israelis and Jews overseas. Iran has denied involvement in the past but has not commented on Wednesday’s attack.

President Barack Obama termed it a “barbaric terrorist attack” and called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to pledge U.S. help in finding the perpetrators.

If Iran wants a huge fire in its hand in the Israel, Straits of Hormuz,  Syria, Iran army  will be totally destroyed. Let Iran try messing with such a  capable US battle force.

The US army technological defense  perimeter is beyond anything the Iranians imagines exists. Even a radar evading  missile cannot get through. A shot at Israel or at a  US Carrier by Iran  would draw a massive response from the US Navy. The United States is sole superpower in  this planet and no army in the world has a chance, let alone Iranian military  junk from China and Russia.

World cannot be held hostage to the  threats of a madman who’s on the brink of arming his country with nuclear  weapons capabilities. However, the region cannot sustain ongoing butchery by this terrorist regime. Time for the Iranian  people to have their own Persian spring and overthrow the Ayatollah’s and  President Ahmadinejad before Israel, US and  the rest of the world have no other option.

Sahit Muja

President and CEO

Albanian Minerals,  New York


Russian President Medvedev must know that we do not answer to anybody to defend America

Sahit Muja: Albanian Minerals

Sahit Muja: Russian President Medvedev must know that we do not answer to anybody to defend America Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says Russia will aim missiles at U.S anti-missile sites .

The anti-missile sites in eastern Europe are not against Russia. We are the America, the leader of the free world. We are The United States of

America and we do not answer anybody on how to defend ourselves and allies. Russia is “in bed” with Iran and is out to protect them and their interests.

Let there be no mistake, Russia does not want to go to war with the U.S. because Russia has a 0% chance to face the most powerfull army that has ever existed in the world.

We need to make sure Russians, Iranians, and the terrorists understand that USA will not flinch against any threats. President Obama is so lost when it comes to foreign policy, he would probably hand out maps of the defense installations to Russians, thinking the comrades would come and share a cup of Russian tea with him.

This argument against missile defense is like arguing in the 1920s against anti-aircraft guns because the enemy didn’t have any airplanes. The technology is there, if we wait for the Iranians to develop missiles and nukes before building a defense it makes us vulnerable. Building a defense is soft power, as it removes the effectiveness of any weapons Iran may develop.

Sahit Muja

President and CEO

Albanian Minerals

New York

Iran have ability to inflict terrible damage on U.S, Europe, Israel and Middle East.

Sahit Muja: Albanian Minerals

 Sahit Muja:Iran have ability to inflict terrible damage on U.S, Europe, Israel and Middle East.

Iranians know that oil is the worlds economy Achilles heel and it is perfectly clear from statements of the Iranian leadership that they will close the Gulf oil lifeline within hour of U.S, and Israel aggression.

Destruction of oil tankers by Iranian gunboat, cruise missile, artillery in the Strait of Hormuz or warplane and an Iranian declaration that the Gulf, Iraq is now a war zone for the supply of oil to cease overnight.

How high would oil go? $300 a barrel? a $500 a barrel?
Western economies would go into meltdown.

Stock markets would crash.

The U.S., military machine it would take time for a convoy system to be put together. Iran has bought some world class cruise missiles capable of evading close-in warship defenses.

And, of course the damage that Iran would be inflicting on Israel with its long range missiles.

Dimona, Israel might be a radioactive ruin within hours of the attack, and if Iran chooses to rain its missiles on the two Israeli oil refinery complexes concentrated at Haifa and Ashdod the Israeli economy could be brought to a standstill within a week.

And all for what?
The US, Europe and Israel isn’t at eminent risk from Iran at the moment.
The Iranian leaders and Iranian People know that any nuclear attack on Israel would lead to a nuclear counterattack by Israel that might kill 75 million of its people.

I know there will be no U.S., attack on Iran during Obama’s Presidency.

Even George W.Bush, the most pro- Israeli President the USA has ever had, blinked at the prospect of taking on the Iranians.

A war with Iran would make the Iraq’s War look like a village tea party.
It is up to Iranian people to change its regime and it will happen as it did in Lybia and Egypt.

In my opinion, no country should have nuclear weapons.

Since the U.S and Isreal have nuclear weapons, there is no moral right to ask any country not to have or go to war againts this country that may have those weapons.

It is true the nuclear weapons in the hands of President Mahmoud AhmadinejadMahmoud Ahmadinejad are dangerous, but the war with Iran is a huge mistake that would distabalize the whole region.

We stand all together as Americans to protect the state of Isreal, but we must not act and go to war against Iran because there is fear of Arabs and Isrealies.

Sahit Muja

President and CEO

Albanian Minerals
New York