Russian Navy to show force against NATO and U.S in Syria

 Sahit Muja

Sahit Muja: Russian Navy to show force against NATO and U.S in Syria.

Russian Navy ships entered the Mediterranean toward a Russian Navy base at Tartus, Syria. The Russian ships are advance units of a flotilla of 11 warships .


Russian Navy base has one destroyer, five amphibious landing ships, two patrol frigates, two rescue tugs, and one tanker. Several ships carry units of Russian Marines.

It’s  the largest display of Russian naval power in the Mediterranean since the collapse of the Soviet Union .


Russian television is broadcasting images of warship after warship steaming out of bases in the Arctic, Baltic and Black.  NATO and USA  are the most powerful militaries the world has ever known. Russia  has  suported Milosevic, Saddam Hussein,  Gaddafi and now Assad.


More than 17200 people have been killed as  Russa claims to have a agreement with mass murderer Bashar al-Assad.Thousands of innocent men, women and children have been ruthlessly murdered by mass-murderer Bashar al-Assad’s regime.Russia has put itself on the wrong side again by supporting  mass murderer Bashar al-Assad.


The mass slaughter and chaos of the First World War, and the revolutionary upheavals that swept Europe in 1917-1918, brought an end  dynasty in Russia, but to an entire continental social order.


The murder of the last emperor of a dynasty that had ruled Russia for three centuries not only symbolically presaged the Communist mass slaughter that would claim so many Russian lives in the decades that followed, but was symbolic of the Communist effort to kill the soul and spirit of Russia itself.


Is Vladimir Putin working to return Russia to its glory days under Josef Stalin? I hope not this will cause disaster for Russian people. My advice to Russian Leader is to  stop supporting mass murderers.


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with the  Syrian opposition group.

After the meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister, leaders of the Syrian National Council  “Let us be honest,” Burhan Ghalioun, a member of the Council Executive Committee told reporters. “We must not hide from the truth. Without


Russia’s political, cultural, moral and military support, the Syrian regime would not have been able to continue its policy targeted against the Syrian people.”


He noted that Russia has twice used its veto in the United Nations Security Council to kill measures that would have pressured Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. “The Syrian people can’t understand Russian politics,” he said. “How can our friends continue to hand over weapons to that regime, how can they veto in the Security Council.


Russian government said it  has a crystal clear position “It means that Russia does not want to support changes of the Syrian president, and Russia doesn’t support any kind of military operation like it was in Libya”.

Sahit Muja

President and CEO

Albanian Minerals

New York


The world’s greatest leader for 2011 is Turky’s PM Erdogan

Sahit Muja: Albanian Minerals

Sahit Muja: The world’s greatest leader for 2011 is Turky’s PM Erdogan
 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is leading the world against brutal dictator Bashar Assad of Syria.

The U.S and Europe needs to hope that the Arab Spring models themselves after Turkey.
P M Erdogan is showing signs he will be, as he declared in Cairo, a Muslim who leads a secular government.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has established himself as the leader and voice of reason in the Middle East .
I have known The Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for many years.

I have closely followed him in his achievements and what he has done as an Prime Minister in Turkey.
Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is considered to be the most powerful Turkish leader since Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who has founded the republic in 1923.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep was born in Istanbul in 1954 to parents from Rize, a conservative town on the Black Sea coast.
Erdogan has moderated his Islamic views, proclaimed his support for secular politics, and has succeeded in reducing the role of the Turkish military in public life.

Turkey is positioned between the East and West. Turkey occupies a strategic location that has always made it influential.
In recent years Turkey’s economic and diplomatic power has risen and is still rising.

Turkish economy grew by 8.9% in 2010, making it’s economy one of the fastest growing in the world.
Turkey has become a powerfull nation in global politics.

Prime Minister Recep Erdogan called on Hosni Mubarak to step down, has engaged in nuclear negotiations with Iran, and denounced the violence in Libia and Syria.
Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has been received as a hero in the Arab capitals he has visited.

PM Erdogan has proved himself to be a master of alliance-building.
He has exploited a power vacuum in the Middle East to transform his country into a regional diplomatic giant.

Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is a source of inspiration for hard working Turkish people. Erdogan is loved and respected in the Muslim world.
Prime Minister Recep Erdogan’s achievements in Turkey speaks for its self.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government is pursuing a strategy to build political and economical influence in the world.
Turkish companies are investing in Russia, Balkans, Islamic countries, EU, India, Iran, China, and Africa.

Turkey is the largest investor in Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia, Syria, Kurdistan, Libya, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkestan, Bulgaria, Romania, Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, and Algeria.

Turkey’s companies are investing worldwide in real estate, energy, food industry, construction, tourism, Internet Technology, automobiles, cement, chemicals, consumer electronics, food processing, machinery, mining, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, steel, transportation equipment, and textiles. Turkey’s companies are also investing in textiles, jewelry, engineering goods and software, insurance sector, banking, stock markets and energy projects.
Sahit Muja
President & CEO
Albanian Minerals
New York

Albanian Minerals: Stainless steel production to hit 40 million tons in 2012


Sahit Muja

Global stainless steel at all-time high of 35 million tonnes in 2011
Global stainless crude steel production in the ten months of 2011 reached an all-time high .

The highest stainless steel production year-on-year growth was 18%  in China   .
The  Europe and Africa region increased  stainless steel production by 6.4% .

The Americas  has a increase of stainless steel production of 6.9% .
Albanian Minerals President and CEO said ” I  expect stainless steel production to hit 40 million tons in 2012 “.

According to Albanian Minerals CEO  the stainless steel industry has left the  global crisis behind as production reached a new record of 32.2 million tonnes in 2010 .
The surprisingly high volume results from a stronger than expected production China and India .
Albanian Minerals CEO  said “Surging demand and prices is expected for chrome ore, ferrochrome used in making ferroalloy, which in turn is used in making stainless steel”.
Albanian Minerals CEO  said “The chrome ore and ferrochrome prices to incriase do to strong demand and problems with  ban and the production”

The low prices of chrome ore ha led to a severe shortage of  global chromite production in 2011.
Such supply condition may drive up prices of ferrochrome and chrome ore in 2012.
Also chrome ore shortage in China is expected as  Zimbabwe has banned the export of chrome ore.

The concerned over the depleting reserves of chrome ore in India the steel ministry has demanded a complete ban on chrome ore exports.

The winter conditions  allow mining of chromite to be conducted only from May to  November in open pit mining this will effect the global chrome ore production.

Ferrochrome production for metallurgical applications uses up more than 90% of the worlds chrome ore.
South Africa accounts for about 50% of global chromite, chrome ore production, followed by Kazakhstan, India, Turkey ,Albania and Zimbabwe .

Albanian Minerals CEO said “Demand for chrome ore, iron ore and ferrochrome is expected to remain strong in 2012 mainly due to the continued growth of China’s stainless steel industry.

Albanian Minerals and Bytyci SHPK is emerging as one of the major European suppliers of chrome ore to global markets.

Turkey most join the demands of U.S. and EU in Syria


Sahit Muja

Sahit Muja:  “Turkey most join the demands of U.S. and EU in Syria”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad rejected U.S. and European demands that he step down.

 Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said “Thousands of innocent man,  woman and children   killed in Syria.  Where is the outrage by  the Muslim world” ?

Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said “The  butcher of Syrian people, the mass-murderer Bashar al-Assad’s mafia, is illegitimate, tyrannical regime”.

Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said  “This brutal mass-murderer Bashar al-Assad is a criminal member of Assad mafia.”
A Syrian gang of criminals leftover from the neocolonial times.
I call on all People in the world to support the courageous demonstrators in Syria who risk everything they have for freedom and a better life for their families.
President Bashar Assad’s regime has turned  the holy month of Ramadan into a lesson about submitting to his rule.
Bashar Assad’s tanks and troops used heavy guns and explosive and overwhelming force to crush protesters innocent man,  woman and children throughout the country. 
Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said “I call upon  Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to demand that this brutal mass-murderer Bashar al-Assad steps down”.
Turkey is a rising new power both in the region and in the world.

Turkey is re-establishing itself as economic, political and military  power in the region .
Turkey is build on the values of democracy, equality, justice and freedom.

Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said “Now is the time for Turkey to stop the genocide in Syria and take the leading role in Middle East”.

India and South Africa may stop chrome ore exports to China

Albanian Minerals

Sahit Muja: India and South Africa may stop chrome ore exports to China

Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said “The government’s in South Africa, India, Zimbabwe  had been petitioned  by local ferrochrome producers to halt the export of raw chrome ore to China”.

China is  importing the raw chromite ore from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Albania and India in very low prices and using it to produce ferrochrome itself.

Zimbabwe has banned the export of chrome ore. India has huge domestic demand for chrome ore in the future.

South Africa may impose export duties and other controls to stop a surge in chrome ore sales to China so local ferrochrome makers can stay competitive, the head of Merafe Resources Ltd. (MRF) said.

South African producers of ferrochrome, made from chrome ore, have hired independent consultants to investigate the industry, and a report with proposals to control exports will be submitted to the government by the end of September.

Chinese ferrochrome output rose 12 percent to 1.2 million metric tons in the year to June, compared with 0.1 percent growth to 1.85 million tons in South Africa

China doesn’t have reserves of chrome ore and is planing to be  the world’s largest ferrochrome producer by 2015.

Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said  “China is in desperate need of new chrome ore deposits and the prices of chrome ore are expected to jump in 2012”.
lbanian Minerals President and CEO said . “China is expected to produce 700 million tons of steel in 2011 the prices and demands for chrome ore are expected to increase”.
Albanian Minerals
New York

China has the ability to help US, EU, markets and global economy

Albanian Minerals

Sahit Muja: China has the ability to help US,  EU, markets and global economy
“China’s foreign exchange reserves reached $3.2 trillion. China need to make a good use of the large pool of foreign currency and spend more to help the global economy.
China most invest the huge foreign exchange reserves to protect from devaluation”.

Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said “The global economy is in a very profound, fundamental, and unfortunately painful changes. But, I believe that this is a great opportunity to invest and prosper.
No one would, I believe, disagree that we are witnessing a kind of sea change world-wide right now, that our own budget crisis is not just an American problem but a global problem as well”.

Albanian Minerals President and  said “Technology is interlinking the world like never before. We are both closer and more integrated, at the same time we are sharing problems and disasters and crises together, as one people, one globe”.

Albanian Minerals President  said “This is a great opportunity for human kind; at the same time, we require new leadership which can embrace dynamic change more willingly, with greater cooperation and less conflict and dogmatic adherence to ideology”.
Albanian Minerals President and CEO said ” USA remains the world’s richest large country. It’s generally estimated to have a per capita GDP level around $45,000, while the richest European nations has a $40,000 per capita GDP”

“Wealth underlies America’s sense of itself as a special country, and it’s also cited as evidence that America is better than other economies on a range of variables, from economic freedom to optimism to business savvy to work ethic”.

Albanian Minerals President and CEO  said “World have so much wealth in human and natural resources, food, water, energy, forests, oil, natural gas, coal, silver, gold, metals, cooper, aluminum, iron ore, chrome ore. World have everything we need to have a prosper live for any human in this planet”.
Why world is so poor? Is the leadership

Why big economies like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States of America  has failed to help the global economy

  The World  require new leadership which can embrace dynamic global economic change more willingly, with greater global cooperation .
With $3.2 trillion in  foreign exchange reserves China can be a new leader on global economy .

Albanian Minerals

Gold prices may hit $10,000 per ounce in 2025

Albanian Minerals

Sahit Muja: Gold prices may hit $10,000 per ounce in 2025
Global gold production is declining as demand and prices has accelerated
Albanian Minerals CEO  said “Gold prices may hit $10,000 per ounce in 2025 as global population is expected to increase to 8 billion people.

Gold prices has increase from $35 in 1934 to $1616.80 an ounce in July 28, 2011.
If gold prices increase 50% each year the price of one ounce of gold will be $10,000 dollars
The gold prices has increase an average 50 per cent each year since 1934.
Gold is the most important monetary currency throughout the world’s history.
Gold production is declining compered with growing demands. Global gold production was 2500 tonnes in 2010.

The list of countries with gold reserves:
 Albania,  Algeria, Ecuador Korea, Republic  (South) Rwanda . Argentina,  Equatorial Guinea,  Kyrgyzstan,Kosovo.
 Saudi Arabia, Armenia , Eritrea,  Laos,  Senegal , Australia, Ethiopia, Liberia, Serbia ,Belize, Fiji, Madagascar, Sierra Leone.
Benin,m Finland, Malaysia, Slovakia, Bolivia, France, Mali, Solomon, Islands, Botswana, French, Guiana, Mauritania, South Africa.
Brazil, Gabon, Mexico, Spain, Bulgaria, Georgia, Mongolia, Sudan, Burkina, Faso, Ghana, Morocco, Suriname.
Burma (Myanmar), Guatemala, Mozambique, Sweden, Burundi,  Guinea, Namibia, Tajikistan .
Cameroon, Guyana,  New Zealand, Tanzania, Canada, Honduras, Nicaragua, Thailand .
 India, Niger, Turkey, Chad, Indonesia, Nigeria, Uganda, Chile, Iran, Oman, United States .
China, Italy, Papua New Guinea, Uruguay, Colombia, Jamaica, Peru,  Uzbekistan . 
 Japan, Philippines, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Poland, Vietnam, Cotd’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Kenya, Romania and Zimbabwe .

China is the world largest gold producer with 350 tons of gold may be produced in 2011.
Australia is the world second largest gold producer with gold production of 255 tonnes in 2010.
Australia remains 20% below its level of production of 1998.

The U.S. production of gold has been declining since 1998 (-37%) until it has stabilized around 230 tonnes in 2011 .
Gold production in South Africa has bee decline.
South Africa  was the world top producer of gold in 2005 but after almost a century of hegemony, its ranking declined to fourth position in 2011.

Gold production in South Africa has decreased by 80% within the last 40 years. 
Russia gold production is about 190 tonnes in 2010.
Gold production in Peru is still below its peak production of 2005 ,208 tons of gold with 170 tonnes of gold produced in 2010.
Indonesia produced 120 tons of gold in 2010, -27% since its peak production in 2006. 
Canada remains well below its level of production of 1990 176 tons of gold with 90 tonnes of gold produced in 2010.

The gold producing countries Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Papua, Philippines, Tanzania,  account for more than a third of the world gold production in 2010 against less than 10% in 1970.
Albanian Minerals CEO  said “To find new deposits of gold, mining companies must invest more in infrastructure and drill deeper into undeveloped arias to find the last remaining of gold”.

 “Gold prices and demand is expected to increase  from lots of factors, from increase in the world population and the decline of the gold production , from devaluation of currencies and geopolitical problems”.
Sahit Muja, Albanian Minerals
New York

The US and EU need to stop their pursuit of socialism and high taxes.

Sahit Muja

The US and EU need to stop their pursuit of socialism and high taxes. The Greek economic crisis exposes the fact that socialism is a failing ideology. Greek economy continue shrinking. The overall debt burden is now 142 percent of GDP, and is still rising. The Greek government cannot pay its main current loan, the €110 billion jointly provided in 2010 by the International Monetary Fund and Greece’s 16 euro-zone partners. More bailouts for Greece are under discussion in the eurozone. Greece and some EU countries were becoming more and more socialist trying to equalize everyone until all have nothing. How the US going to deal with 14 trillion dollars in deficit? The US is going to borrow more money from China and we are going to fund our biggest competitor. Us Government lacks the willpower necessary to embrace decisions necessary to fix the deficit. Instead, President Obama and hid administration is marching down a path of embracing the same old left-wing, big government positions, digging us deeper and deeper into the hole. President Obama’s brand of anti- entrepreneur, anti-individual, liberalism has been tried, repeatedly, and has served only to neuter our country’s greatest assets. I don’t want the government getting too large and out of control. The $14 trillion federal deficit is weakening U.S., economy. How much more is a little more, would you like the top 1% to pay 80% of the taxes in this nation. Do liberals think it would be fair if 80% paid no income taxes? People, where does this more taxes ends? A little more here and a little more there got us to half of the nation free-riding on the “rich”. Does it make sense to have half of the country pay no fed income taxes and yet vote reps that determine how this money is spent? So liberals, tell me what is “fair”, is it “fair” that half of the nation pays no income tax? It is fair to punish the hard working Americans?. It is fair to punish the success and rewarding the failure? It is fair for President Obama to spend trillion’s of dollars we don’t have? I dare the liberals to answer my questions!. Now Liberals in The U.S. and Europe need to get used to it, as the socialists are voted out, democrats in U.S. and Socialists in Europe will have to compromise more and more to stop their pursuit of socialism and high taxes. The recent election in U.S and some EU countries is a good news for capitalism. Do liberals actually like high taxes? Of course not, liberals just like other people, hard working and successful people ”the evil rich” to pay them. Let’s shed some light using the example of Albania, a former socialist country. Albania moved to capitalism recently. The Albanian Government lead by Prime Minister Sali Berisha approved a fiscal package in 2007 that included implementing a 10% flat tax for corporate and personal income. That is the lowest level of taxes in Europe. The Government moved on creating a friendlier investment climate, creating jobs, and making the economy more competitive. From 2007 Albania has the best economic growth in Europe. Investments have increased 200% from 2007 to 2010 the largest increase in the world. Tourism in Albania also had the best increase in the world with 42% growth in 2010. I am advising President Obama and European leaders to go to North Korea to see how the socialism is working there. Sahit Muja President and CEO Albanian Minerals New York

Metals: Turkey’s steel production and demands remains high in 2011.

Sahit Muja

Sahit Muja: Turkey’s steel production and demands remains high in 2011.

 Russian steelmaker Magnitogorsk and Turkish steelmaker Atakas Group plant to reach full rolled steel capacity of 2.5 million tons in 2012 .
Russian steelmaker Magnitogorsk and Turkish steelmaker Atakas Group plans to have $2.5 billion in sales in 2012 .
The Magnitogorsk and Atakas companies started producing hot rolled coils at the $2.1 billion plant near Iskenderun in southern Turkey on May 2011 .

Turkey ranked as the 10Th biggest steel producer in the world in 2010. In the first quarter of 2011,  Turkey produced 7.9 million tons of steel  to an annual increase of 31 percent.

Turkey’s melting production capacity reached 42.7 million tonnes in 2010 from 19.8 million tonnes in 2000, up by 115 %.
Capacity increase on a year on year basis was around 12 % in 2010. Ongoing investments will bring Turkey’s melting capacity to 45.5 million tons at the end of 2011.

Turkey’s  has invested in the world’s largest and most productive electric arc furnace producing steel from scrap metal. 

The Iron, chrome ore, ferrochrome and steel industry is the third largest exporting sector in the Turkish economy and one of the major driving forces for Turkey’s export capacity. 

Turkey is one of the biggest exporters of steel products and the world’s leading exporter of Rebar.
In 2010  Turkey  exported $12.2 billion dollars steel products.
The Middle East , European Union  and US is Turkey’s most important steel export destination.
Demand for steel products in industrial sectors , construction, automotive, mechanical engineering, white goods is growing in Turkey.

Turkey is increasing the production of ferrochrome from chrome ore
Chrome ore, chromium is used in stainless steel, imparting it with a high resistance to corrosion and its shiny

Ninety percent of the chromite mined worldwide is converted to ferrochrome, which is used in the production of stainless steel.

Turkish chrome ore exports hit a historical record in 2010 with 2.26 million tonnes.
Turkish steelmakers need much more chrome ore in 2012 as steel production capacity increases.

Albanian Minerals is increasing production row materials for steel to supply growing demand from Chinese and  Turkish companies for chrome ore and Iron ore.
prices of iron ore and chrome ore are expected to rise.

Sahit Muja
Albanian Minerals
New York

US argue Obama’s birth certificate as China become worlds’s top superpower.

Sahit Muja

Sahit Muja: US argue Obama’s birth certificate as China become worlds’s top superpower.
China has averaged 10 percent growth annually since it embarked on market reforms in 1978.

The remarkable economic growth in China in the last 33 years have changes the landscape of China and the global economy.
Economic growth is not only important to China, it is also becoming increasingly important to the world.

Chinese power has  increased considerably in economy, military, geopolitical, trade and financial affairs.
International Monetary Fund forecasting had predicted  that China will overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy by 2016.

The report said recent International Monetary Fund forecasting had predicted China would surpass US real economic output in the very near future.

The US would remain the world’s biggest market, as the Chinese currency remains heavily undervalued. 

China has been the fastest growing economy in the world over almost three decades, expanding at 10 percent average each year.

China bought record volumes of oil, natural gas, coal, copper, aluminum, gold, ferrochrome, chrome ore and iron ore this year.

The world’s fastest-growing major economy consumes more than a third of the world’s aluminum output, a quarter of its copper production, a tenth of its oil and accounts for more than half of the trading in iron ore.
China is the world’s largest producer of gold, rare earth metals, steel,  coal and copper .

China is the largest producer and consumer of food and agricultural products.
China is the world’s largest pork producer.
China is the largest producer of seafood in the world, supplying 35 percent of total global seafood products.

China has become the world’s largest manufacturing producer.
China is the largest cotton commodities consumer and producer.
China is the largest producer of textile. China became the largest producer of electronic products

China is hungry for land, food, energy, and all other natural resources.
China is  the largest trading partner of :  Russia, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, African continent, South Africa, Angola, Sudan, Libya, Morocco, Cameroon, Ghana, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Bangladesh

 China has the  largest savings – largest middle class  in the world 817 million by early 2010 
China is the largest exporter. China has most Internet users, most mobile users.
China has largest hydroelectricity producer and consumer.

China is largest renewable electricity producer in the world and largest Investor in renewable energy.
China has the largest  wind power installed capacity .

China has largest gambling capital Macao . China is largest passenger car market 
Hundreds of billions of dollars are invested presently by China in natural resources in Africa, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Qatar, Europe, Canada, East Asia, and US.
China’s government said its foreign exchange reserves soared to a record $3  trillion.

If China invests $3 trillion dollars in the natural resources and energy worldwide, China may be  the world’s largest economy by 2020
sahit Muja
President & CEO
Albanian Minerals
New York